Open Source software is great and I find myself advocating for its use constantly. So I got thinking, what are some of the reason that I love Open Source Software? I’ll go over some of my favorite reason I like Open Source software.

  1. Freedom to use or not use
  2. Variety in software
  3. Tinker/Hacker friendly
  4. Privacy built in
  5. No vendor lock-in
  6. It’s everywhere!!
  7. Innovative at its core
  8. Lifesaver – when trying to save a computer or recover data
  9. No more LICENSE FEES!!
  10. IDK you tell me
  1. Freedom to use it or not is an important aspect that I love about Open Source. In many ways Open Source is so punk because it doesn’t care whether you use it or not. Of course advocates would love if you use it but in the end it’s there if you need. It’s not there to force you to use it unlike other market dominating dumb operating systems.
  2. Variety in software is great! The cool thing is that we don’t lack any imagination and we can build so many cool things and Open Source them. Allowing millions to have access to a huge trove of software that we can use for anything we can dream of.
  3. The Maker/Hacker movement has shown us is that Open Source loves to be tinkered with. The freedom to poke and prod at the inner workings of open source software allows us make the ecosystem of open source software better and better.
  4. Privacy is built into a lot of open source software. It goes hand and hand with the freedom aspect of open source. Just maybe think carefully about using software developed by the NSA…I’m looking at you SELinux!
  5. No vendor lock-in when you use Open Source. Since any open source software project can be worked on by anyone you can always count on someone forking a piece of software that was once heavily used but abandoned. Hello MATE desktop…
  6. It’s everywhere, like seriously you probably use it everyday without knowing it. I love that when I use my phone, computer, or browse the internet I’m using Open Source. It’s seriously everywhere.
  7. Innovative at its core! Open Source needs great ideas to flourish and like I said earlier since it’s tinker friendly more people are willing to spend time looking for innovative ways to make open source software better.
  8. It’s a lifesaver!! Seriously it can save the day when your friends silly windows computer crashes and you need to recover data from it. Or when you need to save your grandma from the evil proprietary software and give her a simple and easy to use operating system that you can easily manage for her.
  9. Down with License FEES!! Look, you should pay for software. Especially when it’s good software and developers work hard at making it even better. But you should always feel that, what you pay for is to make the software better, not to help with the company’s bottom line.
  10. Finally you tell me what you love about Open Source!! I love all of the above and I’m sure you can come up with a few of your own.

So there are the reasons I love Open Source. Some are quite obvious but I hope I brought some new perspective. So tell me what are some reasons you like open source.

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