Since discovering Open Source I have been a big advocate for Open Source software. But there are 4 things that simply bug me about Open Source software. These things include lack of desktop adoption and missing major well-known applications. These are a few things that drive me mad about Open Source software.

Missing Major Well-known Applications

We all know that there are major well-know application missing from the Linux desktop. Applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite, which include Photoshop. Though there are great alternatives such as Inkscape and GIMP, they still don’t have the major industry adoption Adobe has.

Lack of Desktop Adoption

Dell is one of the few major computer manufacturer that sells computers with Linux installed by default. There are many smaller vendors that sell computers with Linux pre-installed but they don’t have the reach that a major vendor does. If Linux was marketed and sold as much as Windows computers I believe adoption would be much higher.

Too Many Features

For some the huge trove of applications that are Open Sourced is a big benefit. But I believe this cause too much confusion for any Linux beginner. Take desktop environments for example, there is GNOME, KDE, XFCE, MATE, LXDE, etc. How do you explain to a beginner which desktop environment to start with? Too many choice can be bad thing sometime which is why this one thing that drive me mad about Open Source.

The Linux Community

The Linux Community is notorious for being hostile to new users. This is the biggest thing that drives me mad about Open Source. In order to attract new users and industry adoption the Linux Community needs to get in line and be more open. We need to able to help new users and be advocates for Open Source software so that large companies can be confident that their software will backed up and supported by a good and honest community.

These are just a few things that drive me mad about the Open Source world. Luckily there has been great strides in the last few years in improving much of the things the I critique. Of course more has to be done and I’m sure that good community members are working hard to accomplish this.

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