What’s an Appimage

AppImage is trying to make installing and finding software on Linux as easy as possible. AppImages can be installed with 2 simple commands and they install very quickly. You should use an AppImage because if you jump Linux distrobutions, AppImages don’t care if you are on Fedora or Arch Linux. they are distrobution independent an can be run on all major distrobutions.

How To Use An AppImage

Using an AppImage is super easy all you need to know is 2 commands. First, you need to know how change the file permissions for the AppImage file. Then you run in your shell the command to execute the file.

  1. chmod a+x appfile.appimage
  2. ./appfile.appimage

In the video you can see that I was able to install “peek” via it’s AppImage. I began by changing the fiel persmiisions to make the file excutable. I then executed the file in the terminal. Finally the applicatoins stared and I was able to begin using the application. the whole process took less than a minute!

One AppImage To Rule Them All

I’ve now shown you how to run an AppImage from the command line. You can see that installation is super easy and very quick. So the next time you see that your favorite application is offered as an AppImage consider installing it via this method.

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