1. Start using a password manager
    1. Lastpass
    2. Enpass
    3. Keepass
  2. Backup your files
    1. Deja Dup
    2. Create a NAS with Raspberry Pi
  3. Stay motivated to exercise with these apps
    1. Open Training
    2. Meditation Assistant
  4. Bonus
    1. Use a VPN

Look it’s a new year and we all have goals that we want accomplish. Whether we stick to them the entire year or give up one month in, it’s best to be prepared. Getting yourself in a place where you can begin to tackle the goals you made for yourself is a bit of work. So I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that can help with getting you prepared to take on your goals for the new year.

  1. Start using a Password Manager

Password managers are something everyone has to be using. There are no excuses for poor password management anymore. The majority of the password managers today have great features likes: random password generators, online form auto-fill, and two-factor authentication support.

Let’s start with Lastpass. Lastpass is an online password manager that can be installed as a browser plugin. It works for Firefox and Chrome and is very easy to use and can be very helpful in managing multiple online accounts. They offer both free and paid accounts so chose which one works best for you.

Next, there is Enpass, Enpass is a password manager I’ve been interested in checking out for a while now. What’s cool about Enpass is that it offers a desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux which is great if you have a household with mixed operating systems. Since it is a desktop app it offers a different type of security that Lastpass doesn’t. Which means that it’s harder for a hacker to get your info by just hacking Lastpass. They would have to have access to your computer in order to get to your password manager. Enpass does have a “cloud’ sync feature which is completely optional.

Last, there’s Keepass, Keepass is a trusted old friend in the Open Source community. It has many of the features that the previous 2 password managers have. Though it does not have auto-fill which is a key feature that I enjoy and rely on. There are plugins that can help accomplish this but it’s not something that is default unlike with lastpass or enpass. Though it’s a great option if you want an easy and reliable password manager.

  1. Backup your files

Backing up your files is something you should have already made a habit. But if you haven’t then start the new year by training yourself to backup regularly. There are some great open source tools that can help you with this, such as deja dup backup with is installed by default by some distrobutions. There are also NAS solutions that are great to have and I’ll link an article on how to build one yourself with a Raspberry Pi. So make it a habit to backup regularly and be happier and calmer this year knowing that your files are safely backed up.

  1. Stay motivated

One of the most commonly made resolutions is to get in shape. One of the main reasons we sadly fail at this goal is because we lack the motivation to continue. So in order to stay motivated we need to keep track of our progress and stay level headed. Two android apps that can help with that are Open Training and Meditation Assistant.

The first is a simple app that has a variety of exercises to chose from and helps you keep track of your progress. The second is a meditation app which many of us may scoff at but sometimes it just helps to sit down and meditate. Meditation can help by giving you time to check in with yourself and see what you can adjust to make you a more productive or happier person.

Like I said getting yourself prepared to tackle your new years resolutions consists of some effort. But getting yourself ready can be the difference between you completing or failing at your goals. So take time to get yourself prepped and make this a great year by staying one step ahead of your goals.

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