Green Geeks Saving You $$$ And The Earth

Green Geeks has a mission to run energy efficient servers. This is why they use renewable energy resources to power their servers. This allows them to save on electricity costs and then pass on the savings to you. This is a cool concept that benefits Green Geeks and you the consumer. Green Geeks offers your standard website, email, and WordPress hosting. Today we will be looking at their WordPress hosting and learn how to transfer a site from your old hosting provider to Green Geeks. This process is meant to be a bit more involved and technical. But if you follow along you can avoid any major downtime that is incurred with transferring your WordPress site.


How To Transfer Your WordPress Installation

Prepare your Green Geeks host

  1. Sign up for Green Geeks WordPress hosting account.
  2. Go to cPanel and create a new WordPress installation via Softacolous.
    1. When creating the database for the WordPress installation be sure to write down the database credentials, you will need them later.
  3. Create an FTP account to log into the server via cPanel.
  4. Make sure to have access to the database via PHPMyAdmin or any other database management software.

Prepare the WordPress Site for Transfer

This process may differ for every hosting company but it’s usually the same for most basic WordPress installations.

  1. Make a backup of your WordPress site.
    1. Most common WordPress files are /wp-content /wp-admin /wp-includes plus all files that include wp- in them.
    2. Be sure to make a copy of your database and save it where you have your WordPress files.
  2. Edit the wp-config.php file
    1. In this file update the section that has the database credentials of your new server.
  3. Use FTP to upload all the WordPress files to Green Geeks host.
    1. Be sure to upload files to the correct directory. Green Geeks serves up its WordPress files in the public_html directory.
  4. Import your database into your Green Geeks WordPress installation.
  5. Change your DNS records to point to your Green Geeks server.
  6. Login to your transferred WordPress site.
    1. If you transferred your database correctly then your WordPress credentials should still be the same. If not be sure to check if you uploaded your database correctly.
  7. Fix any broken URL’s with the plugin Search and Replace.
  8. Test your site and fix any errors.
  9. That’s it!

Things to Consider

Green Geeks is not a managed WordPress hosting provider. They use cPanel to manage WordPress installations. Everything you need to manage WordPress is done through cPanel. Hosting is on a shared server, meaning your WordPress site will be sharing resources with other WordPress sites on the same server. Dedicated IP addresses come separately and the only DNS records provided are A records. So if the server changes IP addresses you will have to update the A record at your DNS provider.

Final Thoughts

I have now taken you through the process of transferring your WordPress site to Green Geeks. The process is a relatively simple one but depending on the size of your site it can be time-consuming. So be sure to take that into consideration before starting the transfer. Green Geeks offers a great cost saving WordPress hosting plan and it’s definitely worth checking out.


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