1 thing to be more secure

Yes! 1 thing can help make you more secure online by eliminating the one security risk we all face, weak passwords. So what’s the thing? Use a Password Manager!

What’s a Password Manager?

One way to store valuables in your home is to use a home safe with a combination lock. You store all your valuables in the safe and you feel secure that no one will get in as long as they don’t know the combination to your safe.

Password managers work in the same way. They store all your passwords and lock them behind a single “master” password. So all you have to do is remember a single password, the password to your password manager.

How do I get a password manager?

Getting a password manager is easy enough. You just have to find one that best fits your needs. Just like a home safe your requirements will differ from mine or say your neighbor.

I suggest you find a password manager that is easy to use and allows for multiple ways to access your passwords if you accidentally get locked out. Also you’re going to want one that has a mobile app.

I use Bitwarden as my password manager. I like it a lot and find it to be a great password manager. I originally started with Lastpass but eventually switched because Bitwarden offered a better “Family” plan. Bitwarden is free to use and doesn’t spam you with ads or limits your usage unless you upgrade.

Ok, I found a Password Manager I like, now what?

Well if you never used one before simply install it in your web browser and mobile phone. Bitwarden offers a version for all major web browsers, Android, iOS, and even a desktop version. Afterwards, begin saving all your passwords. Some password managers allow you to share passwords with trusted users, earlier I mentioned Bitwarden’s family plans.

I setup a family plan and I share some login details with my wife. For example I share my login details to pay for the water, light, and other bills. Since it’s all within Bitwarden I feel confident that it’s all secure.

I run a business should my employees be using a Password Manager?


Bitwarden has business plans that allow you to use it on-premise with directory sync from Active Directory or GSuite. Stop putting “post-it”, notes on your desk with all your passwords. Start being more secure and use a password manager to protect your business.

Final thoughts.

I think using a Password Manager is a no brainier. Security wise, it helps securely store you passwords. It also helps in creating strong passwords by generating complex random passwords. Which are easily stored for you in your password manager and you no longer have to remember all those long complicated passwords. Simply remember the “master” password for your Password Manager and feel confident that you’re improving your online security.